Ask These Three Critical Questions


How Global Is Their Reach?

As rare diseases span the globe, so must the research that results in successful treatment for them. From the United States and South America, to Europe, Asia, and a successful CRO must utilize a global network of clinicians and lab professionals to provide their customers with cutting edge technologies which streamlines their clinical trial abilities in orphan drug development.

Are They A Patient-First Company?

  • Is their primary goal to improve and prolong the lives of the people affected by rare diseases through the drugs they take part in developing?
  • Do they maintain and continues to develop valuable new relationships?
    Patient support networks which provide critical information to the families of the patients, as well as the patients themselves that are involved in the clinical trials they participate in.

How Robust Is Their Technology And Infrastructure?

  • Does the CRO avails itself of the most up to date technologies to advance the goals and requirements of it’s
    contracting clients?
  • Does their Electronic Data Collection ( EDC ) platforms allow for clinical trial sites to directly enter patient data through a mobile applications, reducing both error rates and reporting time?
  • Do they have an advanced eCRF (case report form ) which maintains full compliance with CFR 11 and HIPPA requirements?
  • Does it provide efficient compiling of diagnostics in Phase III and late phase areas of the clinical trial areas of orphan drug development?